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Florida Mediation Training provides Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil, County and Family Mediation Training, Supreme Court Approved Non-Binding Arbitration Training, and Continuing Education for Mediators, Attorneys and Mental Health Professionals.

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Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil, County and Family Mediation Training

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Mediation Training

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Continuing Education

  • CME for Mediators
  • CLE for Attorneys
  • CEU for Mental Health Professionals

Our mediation training programs are designed to highlight the principles underlying the mediator's role and the practical ways in which those principles apply in actual mediations whether it's a voluntary mediation, court-ordered mediation, or a court-connected mediation.  We cover all aspects of the mediation including the differences between mediations involving self-represented parties and cases with attorneys.  We will cover the process from how a case is sent to mediation through the written settlement agreement.  At the end of our discussion-based training, each trainee will serve as the mediator in a mock role play scenario.  Our seasoned group of coaches will observe the role play and provide the trainee with immediate and practical feedback.  After all, mediation is mostly an art, not a science.  Each trainee will have their own distinctive mediation style.  We will help you define your style, refine your technique, and point out deliberate strategies and tools that will help you in your every day practice.     


Arbitration means a process whereby a neutral third person or a panel, called an arbitrator or arbitration panel, considers the facts and arguments presented by the parties and renders a decision which may be binding or non-binding.  Unlike mediation, there is no certification process for court-connected arbitrators.  You must be a member of the Florida Bar to serve as a single arbitrator. A non-lawyer may only serve on an arbitration panel with the agreement of the parties. The Florida Bar has approved this course for 5.5 hours of CLE including .5 Ethics.

Professional/County Court Mediation

County Court Mediation is the mediation of civil cases, other than family matters, in county court.  The County Court has jurisdiction for disputes up to $30,000.00, including small claims court.  The majority of non-jury trials in Florida take place before one judge in county court.  Typically county court cases would include Landlord-Tenant, credit card disputes, neighbor disputes, disputes with contractors, auto repair disputes and cases involving less than $30,000.00. This course is also popular among professionals that wish to sharpen their mediation and communication skills for their job.   The Professional/County Court training has been approved by the Florida Bar for 26.0 hours CLE including 5.0 Ethics, 1.0 Bias Elimination, 1.0 Professionalism, .5 Substance Abuse, .5 Mental Illness and 26.0 Civil Trial Certification Credits.  

Circuit Court Mediation

Circuit court mediation is the mediation of civil cases, other than family matters, in circuit court.  In Florida, the circuit court has jurisdiction over civil disputes involving more than $30,000.00, controversies involving estates, minors, incapacitated persons, tax disputes, actions to determine title and boundaries of real estate, declaratory judgment, and any matters not assigned by statute to the county court. Our Circuit Court training program has been approved by the Florida Bar for 48.5 hours of CLE including 8 Ethics, 3 Technology, 1 Bias Elimination and 45 Civil Trial Certification Credits.

Family Mediation

Family mediation is defined as the mediation of family matters, including married and unmarried persons, before and after judgments involving divorce, property division, parental responsibility, time sharing, child support, and other emotional and financial considerations not usually present in other circuit civil cases. Our Family mediation training program has been approved by the Florida Board of Psychology and the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling for 40 hours of General CEU.  The Florida Bar has approved this course for 47 hours of CLE including 5 Ethics, 3 Technology, 1 Bias Elimination, 1 Professionalism and 47 Marital and Family Law Certification Credits.